Space. Light. Art of appreciation

The light artist Rolf Zavelberg is an aesthete. He is able to perceive beauty even when it is hidden. Together with his team he presents places, buildings, landscapes using proper lighting making their beauty visible. His goal is to display the magic of spaces and to pay tribute to them. How he accomplishes this in shown in the following photos by Gordon Axmann. NEW: Human-centered, sensor-supported illumination of the pedestrian underpass in Brühl, Germany

By the means of reduction, deceleration and stillness, the light artist Rolf Zavelberg together with his team sets a counterpoint to the much-bemoaned fast pace and sensory overload of our time.


The Aktivraum Agency has been based in the southern part of Cologne since 1994. Corporate lighting projects and interactive light art with sensors are the focus areas of our work. With these we offer a new, custom-tailored form of advertising. Make use of our enthusiasm for developing and realising concepts for events and places!

The Aktivraum Agency Team

Alternatively, take a look at our light art brochure: Poetry of Light (PDF)