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Light is a wonderful means to make life more pleasant. Good light adapts, for example, to incoming daylight and the needs of our bio-rhythm. It can stage spaces, direct attention, provide concentration and comfort. 


 Let's talk about what your project is about. We look forward to contributing our wealth of experience. 


 The Aktivraum team creates the concepts and is your main contact, Endress Mess- und Regeltechnik adapts the software if necessary and distributes it. The pre-configuration of the software takes place in our Aktivraum studio. For this purpose it has a complete control system with sensors.

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Aktivraum - Agency for design, light and space

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Aktivraum Odem

His company Endreß Mess- und Regeltechnik operates the servers which, among other things, enable remote access to the control system, and they are later your contractual partner for the software: 


Company Endreß Mess- und Regeltechnik, Marco Endreß, Im Seetal 1/9, 74535 Mainhardt, Germany, Phone: +49 7903 942 907-2, VAT ID DE 320765590,


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