Feengrotten Saalfeld

Illumination of the Spring Grottos

Landscape Temple

We were hired as lighting artists to appreciate and honour the beauty of this landscape temple and bring out the magic and the incredible range of hues of the minerals here along with the geological structure of the rock layers.


We approach places with awareness and respect and search for hidden beauty that can be uncovered and perhaps even amplified. For this, it is important to work with high quality lighting that doesn't overpower a location but brings out the natural beauty of a place.


We want to help visitors rediscover their natural awe and respect for the beauty of nature and for the creative forces of nature that change and create these places of sheer radiance. Additionally we hope to open people's senses for the ever changing forces of nature also in everyday life.


White lamps with different colour temperatures and optics enabled us to produce a very detailed and sophisticated result that has minimal impact on the natural character of the grottos, showing it for the first time in all of its beauty (because of course location is hidden underground in darkness).


We have been amazed ourselves to see the composition of natural colours and subtle tones working together to reveal its own work of art in all splendour for the first time.  You can find some impressions in our PDF.

Grottos & Caves lighting

The beauty of the renewed lighting allows the visitor to newly appreciate the beauty of nature and also the transformational forces of nature.

Dignifying Space by Rolf Zavelberg 

Examples (PDF)