Intelligent lighting control industry 4.0

Aktivraum Odem is an "intelligent" industrial control, which adjusts artificial light to natural light fully automatically

The software and hardware in practical use in Brühl

The software of the light control system Aktivraum Odem was created by the software developer Marco Endress according to the wishes of the light artists Rolf Zavelberg and Gordon Axmann, who designed their own algorithms for the artistic staging.  Below we have briefly outlined what the lighting control system can achieve, for instance in an underpass in Brühl: 

  • Fully automatic adjustment of the light to the actual requirements in terms of intensity and light colour: Positive effect on the well-being of passers-by and reduction of environmental pollution through energy efficiency (LED) and insect protection (they benefit from the fact that the light is dimmed down and the blue component is reduced)
  • Signalling of movements in areas with poor or only very late visibility of the entrances and exits to the platforms
  • The system continuously adapts the brightness and colour temperature of the luminaires to the lighting conditions of the surroundings (data from brightness sensors are used for this purpose)
  • During twilight and at night, a calculation routine replaces the brightness control to avoid influences from disturbing sources such as street lighting or car headlights. The brightness during the twilight phases is compared daily with the real values and smooth transitions are generated. For this purpose, the system calculates the sunrise and sunset times every day
  • In order to accommodate the rhythm of human activity, the light is intensified in the morning and lowered in the evening
  • The system can be controlled remotely at any time and the light of each individual lamp can be altered. It is also possible to store scenes (for example for maintenance lighting or special lighting scenes for events)
  • An industry standard is used for the control hardware; the control software was developed specifically for this project. However, it is now to be offered pre-configured to other users (for a harmonious interplay of artificial light and natural light).  
  • DMX, DALI and others can be used together at the same time 

Additional energy saving, as the LED light only shines in the brightness that is appropriate for the application. The graph on the left shows the relationship between the values of the LED luminaires (above: colour temperature and brightness) at the time of day and natural light (below)


Industry 4.0, interfaces and standards

The video shows the functions of the lighting control in the pedestrian underpass Brühl Mitte

We have compiled your advantages and possibilities on a separate page:

We offer the software in preconfigured modules! 

Thanks to Marco Endress, the control is state-of-the-art and fit for the future

  • The software can be integrated into control products from Beckhoff and Wago. A connection to existing building control systems or process control systems is guaranteed.
  • The control system offers possibilities for control, operation and monitoring and can be equipped with modern bus interfaces and protocols (industry 4.0). These enable transparent logging and intervention via remote if required.


Further bus interfaces are worth mentioning:

  • Profinet / Profibus
  • Modbus
  • CAN
  • LON
  • KNX / EIB
  • EtherCAT


The following protocols are noteworthy:

  • ADS / AWS (Cloud)
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • TCP, UDP